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Make in-store inventory visible to millions of people searching for it nearby.

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Automatically show in-store products to local customers searching nearby, and send them to your store.

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Getting people into brick-and-mortar stores of any size.

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Use your live inventory data to attract nearby customers

Unlock the value of your in-store inventory through the world-leading NearLIVE platform. Stream live product availability data at the highest fidelity possible to the places local customers are looking for it.

NearLIVE platform

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Home Hardware

"The Initial integration with our existing data was simple and now we get great results from customers coming in for products they’ve researched online and are available in their local store."

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"We’ve had customers walk in with their phones asking for specific products, saying they didn’t know we existed, it’s creating a lot of awareness. NearSt has made our lives so much easier!"

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"People can see what they want is in our shop, so can visit and buy - an instant gratification even Amazon can’t deliver."

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