Your real-time view of local shoppers

Enhance your understanding of what local shoppers want so you can stock products you know will sell. 

See what locals want in real-time

Gain insights into how shoppers near your store are searching for and finding your products, so you can optimise what you stock. 

Product insights
Discover which of your products are generating the most interest from local customers in Google, helping to inform your buying decisions. 
Search intent insights
See the words and phrases shoppers are typing into Google that are leading to your products, helping you to improve your product range nad promotion strategy. 
“With this information we’re starting to get real information about what our customers are looking for, which means that we can stock and sell more of what our customers want.”
NearSt MyShop dashboard

See what’s trending in your industry

See what shoppers are most interested in searching for in shops similar to yours, so you can always stock the latest in-demand products. Based on over 100 million data points captured and aggregated each day, NearSt enables you to stay on the pulse of your local customers. 

“The industry insights help give us an idea about what to stock. If there's an item that's a popular product but we don't stock it, we can make an informed decision. ”
Popular products analytics dashboard

Retailers already leveraging NearSt insights to gain an upper hand

Using NearSt is simple

Automated set-up, 100s of EPOS integrations and our team of Google-qualified marketing experts take the hassle out of local marketing, so you can focus on running your business.


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“Using NearSt helped us sell our weekend bags. Before then despite being on special offer they never sold. Since using NearSt our weekend bags are one of our most popular items. ”
“Marketing sometimes can be a bit hit and miss. I can see with NearSt that it's working - as no one would otherwise ever know which products I stock behind the counter, let alone ask for it!”