Your real-time view of what local shoppers want

Enhance your understanding of what nearby customers want to make sure your business is always stocking the right products.

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Augment your knowledge of what shoppers near your business really want

Stay up to date with real-time insights into what’s popular in your area and your industry

Benefit from emerging industry trends aggregated by NearSt to keep you on the front foot

Understand how shoppers are finding you with insights into actions they’re taking before visiting

See what locals want in real-time

NearLIVE provides you with real-time information about how shoppers near your store are searching for and finding your products.

Real-time product insights

See which of your products are being seen most often by shoppers near your store, and which are generating the most interest.

Real-time search insights

See the terms shoppers are using that are leading to interest in your products, keeping you informed about what your customers really want.

See what’s trending in your industry

Every day the NearLIVE platform captures over 100 million data points from thousands of shops and local shopper searches. We aggregate and anonymise this data so you can see emerging popular products in your industry, keeping you on the cutting edge of what customers want from week to week.

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"NearSt truly drives more people into your shop. One day we had half a dozen customers- all one after the other- come into my shop asking for my products that they'd found in Google. The insights also matched what we saw in our sales reports."

Kenny Owner

Online to offline attribution

Accurately estimate in-store footfall and sales driven by local interactions online using NearLIVE’s proprietary O2O technology, without the use of any sensitive customer data.

Build a comprehensive view of your local environment

Capture dozens of different local shopper interactions in a single simple interface, helping you better understand how your customers are engaging with your business.

Products seen locally

Products popular with locals

Calls to your store

Directions to your store

Real-time local product searches

Trending local search terms

Estimated in-store footfall

Clicks-to-sales attribution

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Better understand your local shoppers

See what your customers in your area want today.

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