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Make in-store inventory visible to millions of people searching for it nearby.

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Promote your in-store products at the top of Google when shoppers nearby search for them, and give them easy ways to visit your store.

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Health Store, Exmouth

“NearSt is a really easy way for your shop to get found online, especially when people are looking for particular products. All of the work was done for me and I didn’t have to invest any time into it.” Lorraine, Owner

How you attract more customers

Serve existing customers

Automatically list live availability information directly in Google, so your customers can see that you’ve got what they need.

Google product search

Homeware Store, Hockley

“NearSt has given us a cost effective, reliable way of getting accurate product information to customers, without taking up admin time.” Brad, Store Manager

How to better serve existing customers

Understand your customers

Learn what customers near your store are searching for and interested in, as well as what’s trending in your industry or local area.

Learn from customer analytics

Plug and play technology

Seamlessly integrates with your existing stock management system, providing the highest quality of inventory data.

Securely showing in-store product availability to customers on the sites and apps they already use.

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