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See how retailers are using NearSt to drive more online shoppers in-store.

Attract new customers

Attract new nearby customers to your store

Every day thousands of people near your shop look online for products you stock. Show them that you’ve got what they want.

“We’ve been thrilled with the response of being on NearSt – I hadn’t realized how often customers would check stock before contacting us, it’s definitely opened up a whole new client base!”

Sally Manager

Serve existing customers

Help existing customers shop with you more often

Show your products on the sites and apps your current customers already use, helping them continue choosing you over an online competitor.

"Customers are finding what we stock directly in Google and ordering them through us over email. I don’t know how we would’ve coped without NearSt."

Adam Owner

Customer analytics

Understand what local shoppers want in real-time

Enhance your understanding of what nearby customers want to make sure your business is always stocking the right products.

"Shoppers are finding we stock specific, sometimes obscure products in Google, then they come into the shop and buy other bits and pieces on top!"

Mark Shop Manager

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