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Every day thousands of people near your shop look online for products you stock. Show them that you’ve got what they want.

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Boost footfall with Google Local Inventory Ads

NearSt can automatically show your products at the top of Google to shoppers searching for them nearby, and send them to your store.

Google Local Surfaces

Appear in all the places where locals could find your store and products in Google.

Appear more prominently in Maps

Make your business more likely to appear in Google Maps when people search for terms relevant to what you do.

Appear In Image Searches

When people search for images and inspiration near your store in Google, your products can show up, directing most customers to your door.

Appear In Shopping Results

Capture shoppers browsing Google Shopping for products and send them to your store, with powerful calls to action.

Appear on Voice Assistants

Help local shoppers asking their Google Assistant for information see that you have the products they stock.

Appear automatically

NearSt matches your products with potential customers looking for them nearby; whether they’re searching for “Nike AirMax Size 8” or “Gift ideas for boys”.

Stay in control

Decide where your products appear with a few simple toggles. If you choose to promote your products in places like Google, stay in control of your spend with daily budgets.

Simple setup

NearSt handles the complexity of getting your products into the sites, apps and services your customers use for you. Whether we manage your ads or you already use a digital agency, we ensure your stock data is always getting to the right places.


Hardware Store, West Yorkshire

"We had six or seven instances where customers actually came into the shop saying they searched for our products online and we came up in Google - each of these led to a sale! I’m sure there were many more instances where local people came to the shop after finding us on Google...I would recommend NearSt to other retailers as a way to increase footfall."

Steven Manager

Measurable impact

See how people nearby are finding your products and what they’re most interested in, all in a single simple dashboard.

Local awareness

See what people are searching for nearby and what products they are interested in.

Calls to your shop

See how many people phoned your store after seeing one of your products online.

Help finding directions

See the number of people who saw your products then clicked to get directions to your store.

Website visits

Measure the number of visitors who went on to visit your website after seeing your products online.

Estimated footfall

Using the NearLIVE footfall algorithm we provide an estimate of how many shoppers visited your store.

For corner shops and large multiples

Small retailers

For small retailers

NearSt enables you to run high performing local inventory ads with just a few clicks, so you can focus on running your business.

Retail networks

For brands and retail networks

As a global Google Local Feeds Partner, NearSt can supply fully verified live local inventory data directly into your digital agency’s existing Google Ads account.

More destinations coming online

Once you are connected to the NearLIVE platform you automatically benefit from new partners as we connect them, keeping you at the cutting edge of local commerce.

Building out our suite of local commerce partner integrations:


Pharmacy, London

"We’ve had customers walk in with their phones asking for specific products, saying they didn’t know we existed, it’s creating a lot of awareness. NearSt has made our lives so much easier!"

Harsha Store Manager

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