NearSt & Google. The easy way to boost footfall

Increase your store's footfall by showing nearby shoppers what you’ve got in stock using Google technology and your existing inventory system.

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Make your business page drive more business

Use Google ‘See What’s In-Store’ to automatically show shoppers in-stock products on your Google business page. Meaning they’ll shop at your store rather than online or with local competitors.

Get Google working for you

Be the go-to store for customers

Google Local Inventory Ads puts your products right at the top of shoppers’ Google searches. So, whatever they’re looking for, they’ll see you’ve got it in stock. These paid-for ads start from just £2 a day and you can turn them on and off when you want.

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More views. More customers. More sales.

NearSt shows your business and products in all the places where people search on Google. From Google Maps to Google Voice Assistant, it helps us increase your store’s footfall and sales. And all of this is at no monthly cost on our Pay As You Go plan.

Appear more prominently in Maps

Make your business more likely to appear in Google Maps when people search for terms relevant to what you do.

Appear In Image Searches

When people search for images and inspiration near your store in Google, your products can show up, directing most customers to your door.

Appear In Shopping Results

Capture shoppers browsing Google Shopping for products and send them to your store, with powerful calls to action.

Appear on Voice Assistants

Help local shoppers asking their Google Assistant for information see that you have the products they stock.

Get your products seen wherever Google is

Guarantee customer satisfaction

Our Customer Insight data lets you see what local shoppers are searching for, so you can always stock exactly what they want.

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Join 1,000s of businesses boosting their sales with NearSt & Google

NearSt is a really easy way for your shop to get found online, especially when people are looking for particular products. All of the work was done for me and I didn’t have to invest any time into it.

Owner Mother Earth

NearSt has been great for broadening our reach. Not everyone knew about us as there’s a Homebase around the corner. Now people have been googling us, they have realised that we’re affordable and we have seen more customers coming in because of it.

Owner Underwood Hardware

NearSt truly drives more people into your shop. One day we had half a dozen customers- all one after the other- come into my shop asking for my products that they'd found in Google.

Manager County Diy Hardware

A new customer was nearby and looking for a gift for his wife, when he searched for 'woman's reads' in Google one of my books popped up at the top and brought him to the shop to buy it! We were thrilled by the experience.

Owner the Old Hall Bookshop

How NearSt works for you

Attract local shoppers looking for products you stock
Attract local shoppers looking for products you stock
Automatically get your products across Google
Automatically get your products across Google
Product images, titles and descriptions created automatically for you
Product images, titles and descriptions created automatically for you
Get started in minutes
The new way people are shopping

The new way people are shopping

In 2020 Google saw an 8,000% increase in people searching for ‘Who has _____ in stock?’. Which shows how shoppers are using online searches to search for products in their local stores.

Your data is secure with us

Your data is secure with us

Because you use Google via Near St, we ensure your sales data isn’t accessible to Google or other shopping services.

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