Building right now

Online checkout option

Adding a checkout option to your products in Google.

In progress

Ideas we're looking into

Showing number of reservation requests in MyShop

Showing how many NearSt reservation requests you have received in MyShop. Submitted by multiple shops.

Custom ad management

Allowing you to manage your own PLUS ads through your own Google Ads account.

Local Ads plans scheduler

Tool to let you schedule your NearSt Local Ads in advance. Submitted by Better Food in Bristol.

Product discounts in Google

Displaying your product discounts in Google. Submitted by Better Food and KS Models.

Click & Collect in Google

Adding a click & collect button in Google that links to your webshop. Submitted by Morris Mica Alcester.

Recently completed

One-click Facebook Shops integration

Allowing you to show a live view of your products on Facebook Shops

Completed Jun 2021

Exporting MyShop results

Make it easier to export to Excel, so you can share your NearSt results with colleagues. Submitted by Weetons Food Hall in Harrogate.

Completed May 2021

Website search widget

An embeddable search widget you can add to your website to let shoppers search through your products.

Completed May 2021

Add more categories to Industry Insights

Ability to switch between categories in your Industry insights tab. Submitted by Birchgrove Garden Centre in Spalding.

Completed Apr 2021

Product editor tool

Ability to modify a product's image, description and title. Submitted by multiple shops.

Completed Mar 2021

Date selector in MyShop dashboard- for chains

Allowing retail chains to see aggregated results over a specific time frame. Submitted by Infinity Motorcyles.

Completed Feb 2021

Showing which popular products you stock

Showing which of the popular products in the 'Industry Insights' tab you currently have in stock.

Completed Feb 2021